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6/16/05 02:19 pm - Blah

Today stared out being a pretty good day. I found out that I am going to get an extra $550 for some extra work I helped another transcriptionist at my office get caught up on. That will come in very handy for all the medical bills we have piling up on us. I have even started donating plasma to get extra cash. Pretty desperate I guess. But hey, it’s money. Averages $200 extra a month if I go twice a week. I have only gone twice so far. Go in, get stuck with a finger prick to check it first, then get a temp, blood pressure and weight check. Then go back, get stuck with a big ass needle and get hooked up to a machine which draws blood for about 7 minutes then spins it until all the clear liquid parts of the blood are separated from the red blood cells. Then for about 5 minutes the machine gives me my red blood cells back. (This is why I can donate twice a week.) This goes on three more times before I am done. Then the machine clicks off and I get disconnected and try not to bleed all over the place. Big needles leave big holes. Owie. Then I go get paid and leave. Not too bad. I will get $35 on my next visit and ten $40 the one after that. Then when I am a regular donor its $15 the first visit of every week and $30 for the second visit. Have to see how long I can keep it up.

Anyways, my day kind of went downhill pretty quick. My hubby and I, I guess, are kind of fighting. Don’t really know. I assume so. At least we are at odds at the moment I suppose. He got upset because this morning I asked him how he was feeling. He told me he was doing pretty good and all was well. But when I came home and counted his pills two were missing. No wonder he was doing good. He had taken two Vicodin a couple of hours before I had asked him how he was feeling. *rolls eyes* Now I don’t mind that he took the Vicodin. He said he was really achy and felt like he needed them. Fine. Who am I to argue with that. I have no idea what kind of pain he is in. No clue. But all I have ever asked of him is to be kept in the loop. I asked him how he was doing and he just tells me “Doing pretty good” with a smile on his face and nothing else. I can’t believe for one second that if his pain was bad enough at 5:30 to take two Vicodin that he could just neglect to tell me that. Now I feel cheated because I asked him how he was doing and he told me he was doing good. All this morning until I counted those damn pills I thought he was having a really good day on his own. But now I know it was actually because he was drugged. I hate feeling like he isn’t being honest with me about how he is feeling. I don’t know why I let it get to me so but I do. Now he probably sees me as some over bearing bitch who just won’t stay out of his business. I don’t know. We were talking on messenger about it and I sent him a message of “Fine” after he told me he really felt like he needed the two Vicodin and I haven’t heard from him again since. Probably at least an hour now. So I guess he’s pissed off at me. Ah well. I wish I could just not give a shit about the whole damn thing. If I didn’t care so much it would be simple to not be bothered by these stupid little things. Ah well again. I should try not giving a shit for a while. I don’t think I could do it though. *needs a cigarette*

I talked to my mom today. I hope to be able to head up to see them over the July 4th weekend up in DC. That should be pretty cool. I have been there on the 4th before but it has been a very long time. I figured I had better make a trip up to see my parents up there before they finally move back down here. Hope the whole family can go. Hubby doesn’t know if he can get time off. Told my mom to check on places that will rent wheelchairs. That will be the ONLY way he will get to do anything while we are there. He is a big history buff though so he would love it... if he even gets the time off work. My sister met a guy up there and only after about a month of knowing each other they are now engaged. She seems really happy. I hope it all works out for her. They are talking about getting married REALLY soon.

My kids are up in DC right now. I’m kinda glad about that too because I REALLY needed some destress time. And at a moment like right now and my spat with my hubby I am especially glad they aren’t here because I don’t smoke in front of them and I need cigarettes bad right now.

Speaking of which, I am going to go have one.

~ Later ~

6/15/05 03:36 pm - Wow! It has been a while.

OMFG!! I cannot believe it has actually been a year since I have updated this thing. Jeez. Time flies I guess. Not that I have been having ANY kind of fun lately.

So much has gone on last since my last update but I will stick to the topic that weighs heaviest on my heart and soul lately. During the month of February my husband started complaining of some left hip pain and some tingling sensations in his left foot. My husband was convinced the problem was in his hip but since I have been typing notes on people with this same kind of problem for almost 8 years I knew it was coming from his back. I scheduled an appointment for him with my boss, who is an orthopaedic surgeon. He had x-rays of his back and hips done and other than an abnormal growth of bone attaching the L5 vertebra to the sacrum there was really nothing else alarming on his plain films. He gave him some anti-inflammatory samples and suggested therapy and thought that the symptoms of his low back pain would go away with time. Then on March 13 or 14th all SHIT hit the fan. He got INTENSE pain in his low back, left hip and all the way up and down his left leg. It got worse when he coughed and sneezed and I knew that was a horrible sign. Doctor ordered an MRI and my fears where confirmed. A diagnosis of a herniated disc at L4-5 was given to us. For anyone who doesn’t know what a herniated disc is here goes: The disc is the cushiony part that sits in between each vertebra in the spine. Now, my husband has that extra bony growth at his L5 vertebra and it is fused to the sacrum beneath it. That caused the disc between the L5 and L4 vertebra to stretch to the left because the disc is actually attached both to the top and bottom of each vertebra. The stretching of that disc and my husband’s being over weight most of his life just caused too much stress on that disc and it finally gave. The harder surrounding part of the nucleus, which is a jelly like substance inside the disc, got a weak point and the nucleus ended up squirting out fo the disk causing major pressure on his nerves in his back. Thus the major leg pain. Diagnosis: Herniated Nucleus Pulposus, or as I like to call it MAJOR FUCK UPEDNESS!!! Now, his father had several back surgeries all of which left him still feeling pretty bad and addicted to pain meds so I was not eager to see my husband go down this path. The doctor assured us though that only 10% of patients need surgery for this type of problem and that given time the jelly substance that herniated out of the hard section of the disc would eventually dry up and relieve the pressure on the nerve. He asked my hubby what he wanted to do and we chose the conservative treatment first obviously. Doctor canceled therapy for the time being because that would only make matters worse. Put my hubby on a major dose of anti-inflammatory (which isn’t really that good because my husband has a problem with his liver when taking meds like that) and put him in a rather strong narcotic. (I really hated that part.) After a while it seemed like things were getting a little better but then they got worse again. Dave was needing all kinds of pain medication, which again, I REALLY HATE!!!! Doctor suggested lumbar epidural steroid injections. This is where you go in and lay on a table and they take a fluoroscopic x-ray of your back which shows up on a computer screen. Then they numb you up, stick the needle where it needs to go and then inject all kinds of meds into the exact part of your back that hurts you. Kind of like an epidural for pregnancy so I knew a little about what he was going through. LOL I actually told him to try to imagine going through what he was going through while at the same time having it feel like someone was taking your stomach and twisting it. Not fun. But then again I didn’t have a pinched nerve in my back either. Anyways. He had one of those on March 30th and the next day he did great. This was a VERY good thing because I had a surgery scheduled for the 31st. Got my tubes tied. No more kids for me. :-) Anyways, yeah, he did good after that one and after two weeks he went back and got a second. Epidurals usually come in a series of 3. After the second one he continued to do pretty well. They scheduled his 3rd epidural for four weeks after he got the second. After three weeks into that time all hell broke lose yet again!!! Right before Mother’s day he started feeling bad again. Totally afraid to get out of bed for the whole weekend. Not much fun for me, in a very selfish way. Then we had both taken Friday, May 27th, off so that we could have one last day of going out just the two of us before our kids got out for summer vacation. Well, at 3:30 a.m. our ADT alarm started going off. My first thought was that one of the kids got up during the night and had tried to go outside. I’m always afraid for some reason that my 5 year old will do that. I don’t know why really. I know she is smarter than that. But anyways, so my first reaction is to hurry up and get to the kitchen where the key pad is and turn the fucker off because all the neighbors were going to be waking up soon. So I flew out of the bedroom and ran to the kitchen and finally got it turned off. I come back to the bedroom totally expecting my hubby to still be in bed waiting to see what the commotion was. I start talking to him. The room is still totally dark but I can tell that his voice is not coming from the bed. Nope. It was coming from the floor! He had tried to run after me because he was afraid someone had tried to break into the house and he didn’t want me to be alone. But his back totally shot him down to the ground. Another weekend ruined. At this point he could wait for his third injection. My parents go to a great chiropractor so around this time we started going to see him too. I was diagnosed with left cubital tunnel syndrome (pinched nerve in the elbow) and my mom thought that he could help me so I went also. (It actually has helped my cubital tunnel a VERY GREAT DEAL!) First adjustment was murder on my hubby. Doctor wanted him to lay face down on a table and he couldn’t stay there. Only for like 10 seconds. I felt terrible since it was pretty much my urging him to go that he was there in the first place. Doctor said he couldn’t promise quick results obviously since the problem had already been going on for over two months but that he thought over time it would really help him out. Third epidural injection time finally rolled around and we did that. At this point the anesthesiologist looks at the fluoroscopy picture on screen and just stands back and looks. FREAKED ME OUT!!!! I was in the room each time and he had NEVER done that before. He was actually caught off guard by that extra piece of bone. This ticked me off because actually at the time of his second injection I had asked this doctor if he could see if the L5 was sacralized and he told me he couldn’t. Fucker! Anyways. He put his hand on my hubby’s shoulder and said “I think you are going to need surgery.” I about died!!! It took all of my will power not to burst out crying right there in the “operating” room. When we got done and left the exam room my husband broke down. We had been hearing for over two months that conservative treatment would be enough and then all of a sudden we were faced with surgery. Very shocking news indeed. So I freaked out and wrote a note to my boss asking him to please clear things up for us. He explained that that extra piece of bone is a thing my hubby has probably has since birth and is not the cause of his pain and that he still felt no surgery was indicated. Meanwhile, my hubby doesn’t get any relief from the third injection. NONE!!! The weekend right after the 27th he has another quick drop to the floor episode. This time it was a Saturday and we were due to take the kids up to Atlanta to meet my folks at the airport so they could go for a two week visit. This episode was much worse than the previous one and he COULD NOT get up off the floor. Now, my husband is a pretty big guy. There is no way I could help him get off the floor. If he had been in a chair or something maybe but not from the floor. I’m just not that strong and don’t have the proper knowledge to know how to properly lift a large person. (Though we have both lost 40 pounds since February. YEE HAW!!!!) Eventually, after almost an hour, he was able to get back to the bed and I could finally take the kids. This was interesting because I have never driving to Atlanta alone before. It was always good to have my hubby with me because he went to college up there and knew the way. Not me. But I did finally make it. Anyways, he took it really easy and has had a quite a few more chiropractic adjustments since then. He had a REALLY GREAT weekend last weekend which was awesome. It was the first weekend the kids were gone and we got to go out and have fun!! I missed it so. We went to see Star Wars for the 3rd time and went out to eat and all kinds of stuff. I needed it so bad and I know he did too. He went to see the new doctor at our office who is a spine surgeon. This is a MAJOR prick!! He told us that the disc would not go away and the only way to get rid of it is surgery. He said “You may be having good days right now but the pain WILL come back.” Blah, Blah, Blah. This guy just wanted to get my hubby under the knife so he could bill us for it. Fuckhead!!! I am so glad I don’t have to type his dictation. But we have had three other doctors tell us that the disc will go away with time so we are still doing the conservative thing. Hopefully it will all work out.

My emotional state varies on the issue. While I hate very much to see my hubby in pain and I want to be as supportive as I can be there are times when I feel extremely angry about the whole thing. I get pissed off at the fact that he is taking narcotics still (though nowhere near as much as before). I even count the pills. He says he tells me EVERY TIME he takes them but he doesn’t. His parents were both hooked on pain pills before and I DON’T want that in my life. I know he would never do it on purpose but that’s how a lot of people start out. Taking it for good reasons and then BAM... your hooked. I really don’t think I have anything to worry about there but for some reason it still gets to me sometimes. Needless to say with pain like that the sex life suffers. And when that suffers EVERYTHING suffers. After three months of dealing with doing EVERYTHING around the house by myself, taking care of the kids and taking care of my hubby needless to say my brain is a little FRIED! I used to be a cutter back in Jr. High. (Where you cut yourself to ease pain.) I actually had a moment a couple of weeks ago where I SERIOUSLY considered doing it again. I have started smoking again A LOT! I just don’t know what to think about things sometimes. Then I feel bad for feeling the way I do sometimes because it is EXTREMELY selfish. I should be nothing but caring for my hubby during his time of need and not be resentful. It’s not like he did this on purpose. But part of me does get angry. I get mad that he isn’t the same person right now because of all of this. I get angry that all the responsibility for stuff around the house and the kids is all on my shoulders. I get pissed that I can’t be with him the way I want to and let me tell you... It’s true that a lady’s sex drive ups in the 30s because I am almost there and OMG!!! Wanting it all the friggin’ time. I get upset when I see him in pain and get angry that all of it is happening in the first place. Then I feel like ultra shit for thinking all of it in the first place. I guess it’s normal... at least I hope it is.

Regardless, one of the doctors at our office just lost one of his 4 year old twin daughter’s to cancer. I should be thanking my lucky starts that my hubby just has a herniated disc and not some kind of cancerous tumor growing in his back. I try to focus on the positive. It is just really hard.

Well, I think I have rambled WAY TOO MUCH for now. That’s not nearly everything that has gone on the past year but that is my major issue right now so there it is. And I actually do feel a lot better after putting it all into words. I should have done this two months ago at least.

Hope all you guys I used to talk to at the House of Bean Dip are doing okay. I missing chatting with you guys and knowing what is going on with you all. I just don’t have near as much time these days as I used too. But I hope you are all doing well.

Love and Peace,


4/14/04 09:38 am - Survey taken from Kat's journal

01. Full name: Jennifer Renee Dills Collins
02. Birthday: 12-8-1975
03. Birth state: Kentucky
04. Birth town: Lexington
05. Hospital: I have no idea.
06. Age: 28
07. Sex: Female
???? missing #s ????
09. Weight at birth: Uh... not sure.
10. Weight now: Way to friggin' much!!!!
11. Time of birth: 10 something in the a.m.
12. Height: 5'5"
13. Eye color: Green
14. Tan/pale: Pale
15. Race: Caucasian
16. Heritage: Not sure about that one either. My mom just did our family geneology but I don't have a copy of the stuff yet.
17. Hair color: Red
18. Natural hair color: Brown
19. Kind of hair: Straight
20. Hair length: Right at shoulder length. I need to get it trimmed about a half an inch very soon.
21. Shoe size: 8
22. Bra size: Wouldn't you like to know.
23. Piercings: 4 holes, two in each ear lobe.
24. Tattoos: This will be my reward when I get down to my ideal weight. I want one around my ankle, like an anklette looking type tattoo.
25. School: None. I graduated a while ago.
26. Grade school: Parkwood Elementary
27. Class of: 1994
28. Sports played now: NONE!!
29. Sports played in the past: I never really played any sports per se. I took a tennis class for six weeks once and took ballet.
30. Pets: 3 cats and 1 dog
31. Do you like to sing in the shower?: Absolutely, only when my hubby is not in ear shot.
32. Sign: Sagittarius

01. Parents names: Tom & Lona
02. Color hair your mother has: Brown
03. Color hair your father has: Brown
02. Parent's occupations: Mom - housewife, father - just got promoted to a job at the Pentagon.
03. Kind of car you have: 1999 Dodge Durango SUV
04. Sibling age/names: Randy - age uh... 25 I think. LOL & Laura - age 20
05. Live: Georgia
06. Rooms in your house: like bedrooms or total rooms? uh... 3 bedrooms and 7-8 total rooms depending on how you break up the kitchen area.
07. Color theme of your room: Still how we bought it. Kind of beige color. Haven't redecorated yet.
08. Color of carpet: Beige
09. Room size: Enough space I suppose.
10. Bed size: Queen
11. Sheet colors: White flannel with blue snow flakes on them. (Twas a gift)
12. How many pillows: Too many to count between me and my hubby. I only use two.
13. Furniture in your room: bed, side table, filing cabinet, large bookshelf for all my action figures, large bookshelf for my hubby's computer books and some action figures, hubby's computer desk with all his misc computer stuff, dresser, and lots of junk we need to get out of there.
14. Kind of computer: Gateway
15. Money in bank account: Never enough.
16. Posters in room: None. Two very nice pictures taken my by my hubby's professional photographer uncle.

DO YOU NORMALLY... (more often than not):
01. Ask or answer questions? answer
02. Bathe in the morning or at night? night
03. Converse or participate in awkward silence? participate in awkward silence
04. Talk or listen? listen
05. Dress up or dress down? dress down
06. Stay up late or get to bed early? It depends on what is going on the next day.
07. Get what you want or get what you deserve? Sometimes
08. Get attention or give your attention? Get attention
09. Stand out or blend in? blend in. I am hardly ever noticed. Mostly because of the shyness factor I think.
???? missing #s ????
11. Listen to music or watch TV? Watch t.v.
12. Win or lose? lose
13. Plan or follow-through? Plan
14. Smile or cry? Smile. Smile, though I don't do that as much as I would like I do smile more than cry.
15. Get up early enough to see the sunrise? everyday except on weekend.
16. Use books or Internet for research? Internet
17. Sing it or hum it? sing it as long as I know the words
18. Style your hair or just whatever? Depends on where I am going. Usually just whatever.
19. Call or get called? Get called
20. Visit or have people over? Get visited, though that doesn't happen much.
21. Eat or skip breakfast? I try to eat to keep the metabolism up.
22. Make a meal or go out for one? Make
23. Drive or get driven? Drive - I get car sick when driven by someone else.
24. Do what you had planned? Most of the time.
25. Attend or skip class/work? Attend.
26. Act like yourself or act appropriately? Act appropriately.
27. Laugh or get laughed at? Laugh
28. Indulge or abstain? Indulge. I think my weight and credit card balances are a good indicator of that.
29. Help others or help yourself? Help others.
30. Eat what's good for you or eat what tastes good? What tastes good.
31. Turn it up or just get closer? Turn it up
32. Start it or finish it? Start it. I usually finish things, unless it is cross stitch. I have tons of those started and not finished.
33. Stay bored or get things done? I am starting to get things done.
34. Apologize or be stubborn? Stubborn. I have only apologized twice in my life that I can recall and one of the blew up in my face later so I say... why bother anymore.
35. Tell them you have a crush on them or hope they figure it out? I have only admitted to one person to his face that I liked him and asked him out. My hubby and I got together by using a third party friend.
36. Pay for yourself or get paid for? Well, I am married now so we both pay for things.
37. Lean in first or wait for them to make a move? Wait for them to make the move
38. Get rejected or never ask? Never ask
39. Hope it happens or make it happen? Hope it happens
40. Try your hardest or hard enough? try your hardest
41. Work it out or put up with what you got? Work it out.
42. Talk it through or ignore it as much as you can? Talk it out.
43. Know or think? Depends
44. Trust or suspect? Trust until given reason to do otherwise.

DO YOU. . . ?
01. Pluck your eyebrows?: Yes, since the 10th grade.
02. Ever cut or hurt yourself on purpose?: Yes, in the past.
03. Use icq, aol buddy list, etc.?: Seldomly, not enough time to talk for long.
04. Drink enough water?: No
05. Wear shoes in the house or take them off?: Take them off usually.
06. Eat wheat bread or white?: wheat
07. Kiss on the first date?: Don't have any first dates being married.
08. Dream in color or black and white?: Color
09. Have any dimples?: As heavy as I am... yes.
10. Remember being born?: Does anyone? <_< No. 11. Drink alcohol? Yes 12. Like high school? HATED IT!! Until my senior year. 13. Like sunrises or sunsets the most?: Yes 14. Want to live to be 100?: Only if I have good health. 15. Think women should be expected to shave their body hair? Yeah, especially if you are going to wear a tank top, shave them pits! 16. Like salty food or sugary food the most?: Sugary 17. Think a flat stomach is important?: No. 18. Think you are tolerant of other peoples beliefs?: Yes 19. Believe in magic?: Not really, no. 20. Have nightmares frequently?: Not frequently but on occasion. 21. Like your nose?: Yes 22. Like abstract art?: Not particularly. 23. Think you can draw well?: Absolutely not. 24. Listen to music daily?: Yes 25. Like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety?: I usually wear the same ones everyday but I do own a variety. 26. Write poetry?: yes 27. Snore when you sleep?: Yes according to my hubby. 28. Sleep more on your back, front, or sides?: stomach 29. Think balding men should shave their heads?: Not necessarily. 30. Know anyone who is clinically depressed?: Yes 31. Know someone who has cancer?: Yes 32. Like fast food joints, or expensive restaurants?: Both 33. Have a middle name? what is it?: Renee, but when I got married I dropped the Renee and use my maiden name initial in my signature. SEX 01. Are You Straight or Gay? Straight 02. Ever been kissed? Duh... I am married afterall. 03. Kissed someone of the same sex? HELL NO!! 04. French kissed? Yes 05. Held hands? Yes 06. Hugged someone? Yes ???? missing #s ???? 27. Do you believe in waiting until marriage to have sex? My family believed in waiting... I didn't wait. 28. Have you ever had a crush on a friend's boy/girlfriend? Not their actual boyfriend. I liked the same guy at the same time one of my friends did once. I ended up dating him though not her. 29. Have you ever done anything with a friend's bf/gf? No 30. Do you joke about sex a lot? Not really ???? mising #s ???? 37. Does someone's reputation have an effect on your answer if they asked you out? Yes, it did. I am glad my husband didn't have that trait though or we wouldn't have gotten married. HAVE YOU EVER 01. Smoked a cigarette: Yes 02. Smoked a cigar: Yes 03. Snorted coke: No 04. Smoked weed: No 05. Been high: No 07. Said "I hope you die" to someone: I am sure at some point in my life I have. 08. Tried to kill yourself: Not seriously but I did cut myself and take lots of aspirin one time to get attention. 09. Gotten in a fist fight: No. 10. Lied to your parents: Yes 11. Broken a bone: No 12. Lied to your friends: Yes 13. Bit someone: Disgusting. 14. Bungee jumped: No 15. Been skydiving: No 16. Gotten drunk: Yes 17. Gotten totally wasted: Yes, never again. 18. Given someone a bruise: Surely at some point. 19. Skinny-dipped: No but I did have sex in a pool once. Just not totally naked. 20. Driven illegally: I have driven drunk which is illegal. But never driven under age or without a license. 21. Ditched someone: Yes 22. Freak danced: No 23. Shoplifted: Yeah, when I was pretty young. And accidentally once when leaving something on the bottom of the shopping cart by accident and not paying for it at check out. 24. Cut yourself: yes 25. Skipped school: Yes 26. Hung up on someone: Yes 27. Gone commando: No 28. Thrown up at school: No 29. Made yourself throw up: No 30. Flashed someone: No ???? missing #s ???? 32. Had a burping contest: No 33. Snuck out: Yes. And my parents put an alarm system on the house a result. Not to keep burglars out but to keep me in. LMAO! But I found a way around it and could get through my window without the alarm going off. Then they put a separate code on the windows and I couldn't do that anymore. 34. Been to a school dance: Yes 35. Thought your teacher was hot: Hell yeah. 10th grade band director. Major Hottie. 36. Had an eating disorder: Yeah, eating way to much!! ???? missing #s ???? 41. Had surgery: No 42. Seen a therapist: Yes 43. Farted loud and people heard: When you have been married as long as I have it happens. But only my hubby has heard, never a crowd of people or anything. 44. Burped louder than a guy: No 45. Done a split: Yes, just not lately. 46. Been on a cheerleading team: HELL NO!!!! I am the anti-cheerleader. LOL 47. Played spin the bottle: No. Truth or Dare was always our game at parties. GIRL TALK 01. Do you stuff your bra? No. 02. Have you ever stuffed your bra? No. 03. What make-up do you wear daily? There is nothing I wear on a DAILY basis. 04. What are your underwear like right now? uh... white. That's all you need to know. 05. How many pairs of shoes do you own? Not sure. Enough to match anything I could possibly need to wear. 06. Come on, tell the truth. Is that really your true hair color? No. 07. What do you most like about your body? The fact that it does have the capability to become smaller. 08. And least? The fact that right now it is way to large. 09. How many fillings do you have? Too many to count. Not because of lack of brushing. Genetically thin enamel. 10. Do you think you're good looking? I would say average I guess. Not so ugly that people turn their heads at my appearance. 11. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking? Just my hubby. ^_^ 12. Do you look like any celebrities? I have been told twice that I look like Tiffany Amber Theisen. I don't see it. 13. Do you like a man with muscles or not? No. I want a man I can snuggle with. You can't snuggle with a brick. 14. Tall or short men? Tall 15. Does your dream guy have long or short hair? That doesn't matter to me. ???? missing #s ???? 17. How long is your leg hair? It's slightly stubbly right now. ???? mising #s ???? 21. Are your eyebrows a different color from your hair? Yes 22. Do you pluck your eyebrows? Yes ???? missing #s ???? 25. Can you dance? Uh... no, not really no. ???? missing #s ???? 29. When was your first period? age 12 30. If you unexpectedly got pregnant, what would you do? I did unexpectantly get pregnant at age 18, about halfway through my senior year. I married the father and we struggled for a good eight years before we finally became pretty stable. We are still married to this day and have two kids now. 31. Do you plan on having kids?: Let's say I plan to have no more. 32. Future daughters/sons names? Son: Alan-Michael Daughter: Sheridan I am not having any more so there are no future names. 33. Are you pro-choice? I have waivered on this one for a while. I used to be hard core pro choice. But lately, with the morning after pill and all, I lean more towards wishing people wouldn't do it. I would never choose it for myself lets put it that way. 34. Do your underwear and bras usually match? No THE PAST 01. Any good memories from this year? Yes, I would have a pretty lousy life if not. 02. Any bad memories from this year? Yes, you have to take the good with the bad. 03. Do you regret anything from this year? Not so far. 04. Do you regret anything you've ever done? Yes. I wish I had waited until I was married to have sex for the first time. 05. Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Brad Ethridge 06. Did you ever have braces? Yes - for two years. 07. What is your best childhood memory? I have too many to count. Lots of fun stuff happened when I was a kid. 08. Do you have the same friends you did when you were seven and under? Only one, my best friend Stephanie. 09. What was your favorite childhood toy? It depends on what stage of childhood you are talking about. 10. What was your favorite cartoon when you were four? I have no idea. 11. What was your favorite movie as a child? Again, depends on the age. From age 7 and up... anything gory! 12. Did you ever suck your thumb? Not sure 13. What color hair did you have as a kid? Brown, lighter than it is naturally now. 14. What was your first word? Not sure. 15. How did your parents name you? I think they just used popular names at the time. 16. What does your name mean? Jennifer - (taken from Guinevere) GUINEVERE f English, Welsh Mythology Pronounced: GWIN-e-veer Old French form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, which is composed of the elements gwen meaning "fair, white" and hwyfar meaning "smooth". In Arthurian legend she is the beautiful wife of King Arthur. Her betrayal of her husband with Mordred prompted the battle of Camlann, which led to the deaths of both Mordred and Arthur. Later versions of the legends tell of her adulterous affair with Sir Lancelot. (Taken from www.behindthename.com) THE PRESENT 01. Current Music: none 02. Current CD in player: Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 03. Current conversations: none 04. Current time: 10:50 a.m. 05. Current clothes: White Nike t-shirt, and blue lounge around pants. Very comfortable. 06. Current hair: Pony tail 07. Current taste: Haven't eaten yet today. No cravings. 08. Current mood: FREEZING!! 09. Current smell: Not much as my nose is pretty stuffed. 10. Current thing you should be doing: Probably cleaning house. 11. Current desktop picture: Pretear wallpaper which contains all Himeno and all the knights. 12. Current favorite group: I don't have any favs per say. 13. Current book: The Hobbit. 14. Current refreshment: Just finished my coffee. 15. Current worry: My parents moving. 16. Current crush: My only and only hubby of course.

4/14/04 09:34 am - Has it really been a month! @_@

I guess things have been busy around here. Strange, it doesn’t seem that way. Not much going on to tell about I don’t think. I guess I have just been playing too much PS2. I think I am almost done with .hack//outbreak now. I am flipping between playing that and Drakengard. I am really loving this game but I am kind of stuck right now. Flying the dragon is tough for me. I have never been that great at flying things in games. LOL I do fine on the open fields and in the open air but this level I am stuck on you have to fly the dragon inside of a fortress and it is kind of tight quarters sometimes. Drives me nuts. But I am enjoying the game overall. It’s a Square Enix game so of course the movie scenes are totally awesome to watch. I love that.

The weather here is driving me absolutely nuts. Just a few days ago we had highs in the low 80s. Now a damn cold front came through and the high is only going to get into the low 60s today. My daughter has gotten sickest from this. She talked in her sleep all last night. We have a monitor in her room so that we can here if she calls for us in the night and we didn’t get much sleep last night at all because of her constant talking in her sleep. One part was pretty funny though. She must have been dreaming my husband was doing something wrong because she said “Dad, HOW DARE YOU!” I was hilarious. “How dare you” is like her new saying now. I have no idea where she picked it up from. But anyway, back to the weather. Then tomorrow it supposed to be back up in the low 70s again.

Got the last DVD of Pretear. OMG!! I love that anime. The ending was super. My husband is constantly making fun of me for liking it but who cares. I love it and will never tire of it, which is a good thing because my daughter loves it too and I end up watching it several times throughout the day. LOL

Got my official high school reunion invite in the mail yesterday. It will cost $90 for me and my hubby to go. That is a lot of friggin’ money. This had better be the best party I have been to in a while. Wait a minute... I don’t go to parties. The least they could do for that price is have an open bar at the semi-formal dance night. But no... cash bar. Ah well, I will still be partaking of that. There is no way I could go back and be exposed to these same people sober. LOL May not go still if the weight is still an issue. But my parents are helping me out with some motivation. We got a Honda from them and we have been paying $60 a month on it to them. They said the would waive that payment and still consider it paid if I can manage to lose 10 pounds in a month’s time. They will continue this agreement until I get to the weight I want to be. 10 pounds a month. I started on April 1st. Not doing so hot so far. I have two weeks to get where I need to be. I CAN DO THIS!! *gets game face on*

Speaking of my parents... they are officially leaving the state on Friday. *cries* I still have trouble getting used to the idea that very soon they won’t be just right down the street. Ah well, I am 28 years old and should just get over it I suppose. They are supposed to be getting us a web cam because they don’t want to miss seeing the kids grow up. LOL I know my daughter will flip out about that.

Well, there is really nothing else much to update on. I saw Kat had a pretty long survey on her journal and I think I will fill that out for myself with this time that I have. Trying to keep myself occupied and away from the fridge.

3/12/04 09:33 am - Major Blah-ness

I don’t know why but for some reason yesterday I was extremely depressed. It just hit me out of nowhere. I didn’t wake up that way, just halfway through the morning I got extremely down. Today seems to be a little better so far. I guess it was just because there are SO many things going on this year and maybe at the time it felt a little overwhelming or something. I am not really sure. We found out how much we were going to be getting back on our tax returns and it was nearly what I thought it was going to be. That is probably what started it all I guess. I was really hoping to pay off a lot of our credit card debt with that but now that is out of the question if we want to have any kind of a trip planned in September. Plus I watched a Dr. Phil show not too long ago with people having money problems in there and the second couple reminded me of us not all that long ago and I NEVER want to go there again. However, with all the debt we have if one bad thing were to happen I guess we could easily end up there again. Issues with my weight aren’t any better. The reunion is going to be here before I know it and instead of losing anything I will have probably gained before it is all said and done. I have no discipline when it comes to money or food. I’m not sure where this comes from because my parents taught me otherwise. I guess I need to find the root of that problem in order to solve it. Then the looming date of my parents move gets ever closer. I guess the closer it gets the more I realize how much it is going to bother me when they go. I try my hardest not to think about it too much so off that topic right now. Plus my husband has been EXTREMELY busy with work lately. He has been bring stuff home to do because he doesn’t have enough hours in the day at work to finish everything. He was up until 2:00 a.m. last night working. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that he even has work to be doing, however, having him come home and still have work to do really sucks. But with that I have had plenty of game play time I suppose.

I have no idea what my problem is. I just hope this crap doesn’t last very long. The last thing I need is a year of bad moods. I am sure my husband would be thrilled with that as well.

I finished part 2 of .hack Wednesday night. I hope to get the third one sometime today maybe. My husband will be working all friggin’ weekend so I need something to do. I should probably clean and get the house ready for our daughter’s party next weekend but I just don’t feel much like cleaning. Ah well. I wish I could go drown myself in a chocolate sundae or something but that would only make matters worse in the long run I suppose. I think after writing this I actually feel worse than I did before I started. Maybe I should have not said anything and just kept it inside. Who knows.

3/6/04 12:26 pm - Been a while

It’s been a while. Been getting ready to have my daughter’s 4th B-day party next weekend. And trying to get her all ready for Pre-K. Running around getting paperwork in order and stuff. We are in the most popular school district so we will be getting up VERY early on March 29th to go over to the school to stand in line for hours to get her registered. I hate that. But unfortunately Pre-K isn’t standard in our schools and is paid for by the Georgia Lottery so there are a limited number of slots per school. She is really excited about going though so we will do what needs to be done to get her there. I know she is going to love it. And I sure won’t mind having the house to myself while everyone is gone to school and work. I will be able to listen to music while I work instead of having the t.v. turned to all those kiddie shows. That will be great. I know I will get done with work faster when that happens. ^_^ MAN! I talked about my daughter’s really cute hair cut last post. Well, she got a hold of a pair of scissors and I didn’t realize she had them until it was too late. She took them to her hair and now she has a very “interesting” layered look to it. LOL I guess it really could have been MUCH worse. She has no bald spots or anything like that so it doesn’t look too bad. She will keeping it back in a ponytail a lot for a while I suppose.

We finally saw The Passion of The Christ a while back. Tickets were sold out for a while here. One church bought out the whole theater for the day and was offering free tickets to people who weren’t already a member of a church. Luckily the crowd we saw it with was very respectable. There was no talking and such in the theater. Well... a couple of times people’s cell phones went off. I swear, haven’t people heard of the vibrate on / ringer off option.
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It’s been a while. Been getting ready to have my daughter’s 4th B-day party next weekend. And trying to get her all ready for Pre-K. Running around getting paperwork in order and stuff. We are in the most popular school district so we will be getting up VERY early on March 29th to go over to the school to stand in line for hours to get her registered. I hate that. But unfortunately Pre-K isn’t standard in our schools and is paid for by the Georgia Lottery so there are a limited number of slots per school. She is really excited about going though so we will do what needs to be done to get her there. I know she is going to love it. And I sure won’t mind having the house to myself while everyone is gone to school and work. I will be able to listen to music while I work instead of having the t.v. turned to all those kiddie shows. That will be great. I know I will get done with work faster when that happens. ^_^ MAN! I talked about my daughter’s really cute hair cut last post. Well, she got a hold of a pair of scissors and I didn’t realize she had them until it was too late. She took them to her hair and now she has a very “interesting” layered look to it. LOL I guess it really could have been MUCH worse. She has no bald spots or anything like that so it doesn’t look too bad. She will keeping it back in a ponytail a lot for a while I suppose.

We finally saw The Passion of The Christ a while back. Tickets were sold out for a while here. One church bought out the whole theater for the day and was offering free tickets to people who weren’t already a member of a church. Luckily the crowd we saw it with was very respectable. There was no talking and such in the theater. Well... a couple of times people’s cell phones went off. I swear, haven’t people heard of the vibrate on / ringer off option. <_< I personally liked the movie. I left feeling very emotionally drained and very guilty for not being as active in the church as I was when I was younger. But my faith has never changed. With my parents moving though I will be headed back to church anyway because my daughter has become attached to going to Sunday school with my parents. Luckily there is a church service that is more laid back than the others right during the time her Sunday school class is. We will attend that service while she is in Sunday school I have no interest in becoming part of a Sunday school class. In my past experience most of the people are all fake on Sunday anyway and I just have no interest in being a part of that. But I wouldn’t mind attending a service to get a message every week. Anyway, I thought the movie was beautifully filmed. There were some really artistic shots done. Being a Christian I personally did not find the movie to be anti-Semitic, however, I can see how the Jewish community would be upset if a person of no faith went to see the movie and took everything they saw at face value. The mob of Jews were adamant about putting Jesus to death and a person not understanding the Christian faith may find that to be very offensive and see Jews in a bad light. However, Christians know that Jesus’ whole purpose for being was to die so that we could be saved from our sins. Thus, no matter who the mob was made of that wanted to put Jesus to death it was MEANT to be that way. So it really doesn’t matter who those people were. That was his purpose.

I now have an official date for my 10 year high school reunion. It will be July 24th. As of today I have officially 20 weeks to get to my acceptable weight in order to attend this reunion. I will have to lose at least 2 pounds a week to make that happen. *sighs* I can only hope I can pull this off. I guess I wouldn’t be beyond taking something to help me out in the last couple of months if necessary. But hopefully I can pull it off without the use of any drugs. Weighed 191.5 this morning. I will make Saturday my new weigh in day since that will give me exactly 20 weeks to the day to make the goal I need. Had a terrible past few weeks with absolutely no effort on part. But now that I have a focused date in mind it should be easier to keep myself on track. Plus watching music videos helps. Especially that Jessica Simpson one because her figure is VERY close to where I used to be. So, watching that most recent video (I think it’s With You or something like that) helps. Makes me feel like utter crap that I let myself go so badly but gives a place to shoot for. I should watch old home videos I suppose. That might help a little more since it would actually be me I would be watching. I should try to dig some up from my parents. Would have to get a better VCR first though. Ours keeps eating tapes! Haven’t been able to tape Adult Swim for a week now.

Yesterday I actually BOUGHT two CDs. It has been ages since I have wanted to actually spend money on a CD. Stupid people had to start suing for downloading. *rolls eyes* Anyways, got Evanescence - Fallen and Nickelback - The Long Road. I love that Someday song. The video is really cool too. My hubby told me about it and I watched videos all morning yesterday until it FINALLY came on right at the end of the block of morning wake up videos on VH1. Then when I turned on the t.v. this morning it was the frist friggin' thing on. Ah well. Got to see it again at any rate. And I hate to admit it but I am actually starting to like that Brittany Spears song Toxic. *shudders* I will never admit out loud or on computer screen again.

Ah well, that about sums things up for now. My absence as of late is courtesy of Dustin (aka MV). He turned me onto this little game called .hack (LOL Yeah, little game) and now I hate to admit but I have become a little obsessed. I will be starting .hack//Mutation today. Finished up Infection last night. So, until next time. Later!

<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/M/MissAnthropy/1077072759_sfireheart.jpg" border="0" alt="fire heart"><br>Heart of Fire
<br><br><a href="http://quizilla.com/users/MissAnthropy/quizzes/What%20is%20Your%20Heart%20REALLY%20Made%20of%3F/"> <font size="-1">What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?</font></a><BR> <font size="-3">brought to you by <a href="http://quizilla.com">Quizilla</a></font>

Quiz stolen from Dustin who stole from Kat. ^_^

2/23/04 03:02 pm - Weight loss blues

Well, once again I ruined all my weight loss efforts by eating bad for one day on the weekend. This is really starting to tick me off. I had gotten down to 189 on Sunday morning. But then we had IHOP for breakfast that day and Chinese for dinner and BAM!!! I weighed an astounding 192.5 this morning. *beats head on desk* So I only lost a half a pound technically this past week since my weigh in day is Monday. *sighs* Almost starting to think I should just give up again. I really just need to get off the stinkin’ birth control pill. That is when all my weight issues started in the first place. But, I will have to wait until I get my tubes tied for that. I stopped taking the pill once to help me lose weight faster and I ended up pregnant with my daughter. The last thing I need is another kid around so I will just deal with it for now I guess. Ah well. I guess I need to get my lazy butt back on the treadmill everyday. I hate getting remotivated to do that. I was doing great until I got sick. Blah.

Got my three year old daughter’s hair cut significantly for the first time yesterday. My mom has always kept her bangs trimmed but the back had not been cut since she was born. We cut a good 6-8 inches off. But it is so much more manageable now. I don’t regret it. She looks really cute with the shorter look. It is about shoulder length now. No more tangles!! Yahoo! However, I am pretty upset with her at this moment. Just a few minutes ago she ripped the blinds out of our kitchen window, yet again. They have been ripped out so many times that you really can’t screw them back in anymore. I guess I will have to fill the holes with some filler and let that dry over night and try to screw the blinds back up tomorrow. I swear, having children and animals is most detrimental to owning a home. *rolls eyes*

We watched a behind the scenes show on The Passion of The Christ last night. I must say I really didn’t want to see this movie in the theater when I found out you would have to read everything. We were hoping maybe for the DVD release maybe it would be dubbed or something. But after seeing the trailer for it and all the behind the scenes stuff I am really excited to go see it. Hopefully my parents will be able to watch the kids for us for a little while. I don’t know though. They are pretty busy packing up now that it is getting closer to time to move.

Got to see my hubby’s company win some awards Saturday night. We went to an awards ceremony and my parents did watch the kids for that. It was the first time we had any real alone time together for a while. In an “out” situation anyway. It was nice to sit down and have dinner together. It would have been even nicer if the obnoxious people behind us at Red Lobster hadn’t been so loud!! I swear, the entire restaurant cold probably hear their whole conversation. I hate rude people. But at least we got to have some really great seafood. I love lobster! I wish it weren’t so expensive. *cries* Ah well. What can you do.

Well, that’s about it for now. Hopefully I can do better with my weight loss efforts this week. Only time will tell.

2/16/04 04:51 pm - Yadda Yadda

Let’s see. Where to start. Well, I am finally feeling 100% again. I hate being sick. But from what I am hearing lots of people were in the same boat with me so at least I was not alone. ^_^ Not that I wish sickness on anyone else.

Anyways, I did end up beating that Prince of Persia game before it had to go back. I totally loved it. I have a bit of an obsession with listening to the Prince's voice. I absolutely love his voice. And the music too. Downloaded most of the music from the game off the net. I love the internet!!! I have the ending song from the credits permanently stuck in my head today. But that’s fine. I LOVE IT! We actually bought it too though. My son is still TRYING to play it. LMAO! It’s about time I found a game that I am so much better at than him. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to rub it in his face when he can’t get past something. LOL But I am replaying the game anyways. I rushed through it so much the first time I wanted to go back and play it again to enjoy the story more this time around.

I must be totally insane, I swear. Saturday night I started reading my Vol. 1 Fruits Basket manga that I had just bought Friday. I got a few pages into it and just knew I HAD TO SEE THE ANIME!! Thank goodness Target at least had the first two DVDs for only $19.99. So I went right out after deciding I had to see it and grabbed up those two DVDs. I wish they had had all four. They were about to close too so here I am running around frantic trying to get it and get out before the locked the doors. LOL Got home and finished reading the book. I don’t know why but I wanted to finish reading the book before I started watching. Stupid eh? But anyway, so I finally started watching. I watched the first four episodes until 1:00 a.m. and I finally gave in to my sleepiness. Plus I knew my three year old would be up bright and early the next morning. I really can’t wait until she starts sleeping later. Got up the next morning and went right to watching it again. I watched both DVDs completely and just couldn’t wait to get the next two so I ran up to Media Play to buy the last two DVDs. They weren’t as cheap as Target but I just had to keep watching. Came home and watched the rest of the series. I basically spent all day Sunday on my ass on the couch watching Fruits Basket. But it was worth it. I really loved that anime and consider it time well spent. ^_^

Tomorrow is going to be another big anime day. I am going to get the last DVD of Full Metal Panic, the next one of Saiyuki and the next one of Pretear. Pretear is the one I most look forward to though. I really need to cut up my credit cards though. They are getting me in so much trouble. But my anime collection is growing as a result. May end up having to sell a lot of it just to get out of debt. @_@ NAH! Maybe the DBZ figures. They are just collecting dust. I used to be really big into that but lately they just seem to be taking up space. It’s not like I do anything with them. But they are all opened so I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to get much for them. Ah well. Maybe I’ll just keep everything.

Did horrible on my diet last week. Being sick I had absolutely NO treadmill time at all. My lungs were way too tickly for that. Every time I breathed in they started to tickle and I would have to cough. Breath too deep and it was horrible. Coughing fit that lasted for way too long. Plus watching Fruits Basket and all the rice eating they do on that show I had a terrible craving for Chinese food Sunday night which I caved in to and ended up eating way too late. Shrimp lo mein is no good for the diet. So I am steady at only 10.5 pounds lost in four weeks. Which is still okay with me. It’s within my goals so its all good. I just wish I could quit sabotaging myself on the weekends. I do really good until Friday night. I guess having worked all week and seeing a messy house spread before me just really doesn’t give me the inspiration to cook. I hate cooking. It’s to friggin’ difficult to think up new meals to eat every day and I get tired of eating the same stuff over and over again. I need a good cookbook I guess. Yikes! I never thought I would hear myself say that. LOL

Well, that is about it for now. Not much going on here. Weather is crummy. My parents are about to move. My husband and I haven’t had a “date” since my birthday two months ago. Just feeling a little bummed about all that I guess. I hate being in a gloomy mood. But ah well. Maybe the sun will actually come out tomorrow.

2/11/04 10:45 am - Blah

Well, the past couple of days I have felt a little bit like death warmed over. Having major sinus trouble. I hate having allergies. *mumbles to self “Thanks a lot Dad!”* But today my head is no longer throbbing and my joints are a lot less achy. Just have the tickling in my lungs to deal with now and only being able to breath through one side of my nose. I swear, I hate that! Ah well. What can you do. Just poppin’ Alka Seltzer Cold liqui gels until it goes away.

Seeing as how I haven’t been feeling the greatest it is a great time to play video games. Doesn’t require to much physical activity. LOL So we rented the Prince of Persia Sands of Time. I am enjoying the hell out of this game. It has everything I love in a game. Great puzzles to kind of figure out and lots of grand scenery and some wild moves. But it is awesome to be able to rewind time and get yourself out of a fix. That has got to be one of the greatest things about this game. Of course, you have to so many wild moves in this game that the least they could do is let you rewind you falling ass. LOL I am a little over half way done with it and it has to go back to Blockbuster tomorrow so I am about to go kick ass and see if I can’t finish it up before it has to go back. It took me seven hours to get through the first half so maybe I can make it. Only time will tell.

We rented American Wedding also. That is one hilarious movie! Great if you are in a bad mood and need a some good gross fun to make you laugh.

Well, I am off to kick some sand people / sand animal ass and to take some medicine.

2/6/04 05:38 pm - It's been a while.

OMG!!! It has been way too long since I have updated. Not like that much exciting goes on in my life worth updating anyways though. *rolls eyes* Ah well.

Let’s see. Where to start. The most depressing piece of news I guess I will deal with first. My parents are moving to Washington DC. *cries like a fucking baby* This is pretty upsetting and for a while there it seemed like some major shit was going to hit the fan between my mom, my sis, and my bro and his fiancé. I think they have it all kind of worked out now. But this is a major hit to my and my hubby because my parents are our ONLY source of babysitting. We are pretty picky about who watches our kids. This really sucks. And this year is our 10th wedding anniversary and we have been planning for at least a year to take a full week long vacation while my mom watched the kids for us. I thought this move would pretty much cancel all that. But, with luck, my mom said she would fly down here to Georgia to watch them for us while we go on our trip. That is so great because I am really looking forward to a solid week along with my hubby. It will be the honeymoon we never got to have. I definitely look forward to that. But we have at the earliest about two months before my parents will be moving so there is time maybe to get out and do some things just me and the hubby before they go... like see LOTR ROTK again. Or Big Fish. Hearing lots of great things about it. Speaking of parents, today is my mom’s birthday. I got her a birthday card which is a pickle. LOL It has to do with her last name. But I guess I won’t go into that. I used to hate being teased about it. Thank God the woman can take the man’s last name when they get married.

I think me and Dave have decided we are going to Disney World / Universal Studios on our vacation. I can’t wait. We haven’t been there since 1998. Well, I went to Universal with my parents and my sis and my son in 2000 but it was kind of hard to have too much fun because I was pregnant with my daughter. The early stages of pregnancy is not a good time to go riding a bunch of rides that make you sick when you are already on the verge of blowing chunks anyway. LMAO! Luckily the doc said it was safe to take Dramamine (sp) so I did okay. And I didn’t have to not ride anything either because of being pregnant. It was just really hard to go so long without eating or drinking enough. But my parents are big on saving money and didn’t want to eat in the park much. That sucked. But anyway, yeah. I think that is where we will go. We are getting a VERY NICE tax return this year so we should really be able to enjoy this vacation. We are actually going to stay at a resort in Disney this year. I liked the Port Orleans French Quarter hotel. It looks awesome. And it is located in Downtown Disney where all the night life happens. I am really getting excited about that.

I did horrible on my diet during the first two weeks of January. Totally SUCKED!!! In fact I ended up gaining 3.5 pounds. But on January 19th I started all over and have done excellent since then. I have not missed a day of exercise since that day. I have lost 10 pounds and hope to keep up the progress, though I know the stall is coming any day now. I HATE THAT!!! But I will deal with that when it comes. My goal was only 1 pound per week so I am well ahead of were I wanted to be so a few weeks of being stalled at one weight will be okay I guess. But I have that 10 year high school reunion in the summer. I really want to look decent for that. I actually saw someone I graduated with at Walmart today. I didn’t say anything to him though. Not really someone I was friends with. Just knew him from the band. Dave knows him more than me because they were in the drumline together. I actually look forward to the reunion too. I can’t wait to see what people are up to now and how many of them are divorced. LMAO!

Ah... let’s see. Some anime that I have picked up since I last updated would be:

Full Metal Panic Vol 6.
Saiyuki Box 2 with Vol 7 disc
Geneon Trigun Vol 1 (MUCH CHEAPER!!)
Dragonball GT Vol 11 and 12
Happy Lesson Vol 1 (MAJOR FUNNY SHIT!!!)


Pet Shop Vol 4
Vampire Game Vol 4
Trigun Vol 1 & 2
The Kind of Hell Vol 4.

I think that is about it. I am so looking forward to the 17th. I am dying for the next volume of Pretear!!

But anyways. I need to get to cooking dinner now so I guess I will scat for now. We are having major spicy, taco / hamburger / cheese / bean dip stuff. I love it!! Can’t wait to set my mouth on fire. Catch yall later!

BTW- MV. If you read this... I totally kicked my husband’s ass at that Gundam game. LMFAO!! But I had to use Wing Zero to beat him. It was so hilarious!! But when I played as Burning Gundam and he played as Wing Zero I only beat him once out of about five times. But you were totally right. He was just as confused about the controls as me since it was totally different than any other. It was such a blast playing. We have been too busy to play lately though. :-(
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