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Yadda Yadda

Let’s see. Where to start. Well, I am finally feeling 100% again. I hate being sick. But from what I am hearing lots of people were in the same boat with me so at least I was not alone. ^_^ Not that I wish sickness on anyone else.

Anyways, I did end up beating that Prince of Persia game before it had to go back. I totally loved it. I have a bit of an obsession with listening to the Prince's voice. I absolutely love his voice. And the music too. Downloaded most of the music from the game off the net. I love the internet!!! I have the ending song from the credits permanently stuck in my head today. But that’s fine. I LOVE IT! We actually bought it too though. My son is still TRYING to play it. LMAO! It’s about time I found a game that I am so much better at than him. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to rub it in his face when he can’t get past something. LOL But I am replaying the game anyways. I rushed through it so much the first time I wanted to go back and play it again to enjoy the story more this time around.

I must be totally insane, I swear. Saturday night I started reading my Vol. 1 Fruits Basket manga that I had just bought Friday. I got a few pages into it and just knew I HAD TO SEE THE ANIME!! Thank goodness Target at least had the first two DVDs for only $19.99. So I went right out after deciding I had to see it and grabbed up those two DVDs. I wish they had had all four. They were about to close too so here I am running around frantic trying to get it and get out before the locked the doors. LOL Got home and finished reading the book. I don’t know why but I wanted to finish reading the book before I started watching. Stupid eh? But anyway, so I finally started watching. I watched the first four episodes until 1:00 a.m. and I finally gave in to my sleepiness. Plus I knew my three year old would be up bright and early the next morning. I really can’t wait until she starts sleeping later. Got up the next morning and went right to watching it again. I watched both DVDs completely and just couldn’t wait to get the next two so I ran up to Media Play to buy the last two DVDs. They weren’t as cheap as Target but I just had to keep watching. Came home and watched the rest of the series. I basically spent all day Sunday on my ass on the couch watching Fruits Basket. But it was worth it. I really loved that anime and consider it time well spent. ^_^

Tomorrow is going to be another big anime day. I am going to get the last DVD of Full Metal Panic, the next one of Saiyuki and the next one of Pretear. Pretear is the one I most look forward to though. I really need to cut up my credit cards though. They are getting me in so much trouble. But my anime collection is growing as a result. May end up having to sell a lot of it just to get out of debt. @_@ NAH! Maybe the DBZ figures. They are just collecting dust. I used to be really big into that but lately they just seem to be taking up space. It’s not like I do anything with them. But they are all opened so I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to get much for them. Ah well. Maybe I’ll just keep everything.

Did horrible on my diet last week. Being sick I had absolutely NO treadmill time at all. My lungs were way too tickly for that. Every time I breathed in they started to tickle and I would have to cough. Breath too deep and it was horrible. Coughing fit that lasted for way too long. Plus watching Fruits Basket and all the rice eating they do on that show I had a terrible craving for Chinese food Sunday night which I caved in to and ended up eating way too late. Shrimp lo mein is no good for the diet. So I am steady at only 10.5 pounds lost in four weeks. Which is still okay with me. It’s within my goals so its all good. I just wish I could quit sabotaging myself on the weekends. I do really good until Friday night. I guess having worked all week and seeing a messy house spread before me just really doesn’t give me the inspiration to cook. I hate cooking. It’s to friggin’ difficult to think up new meals to eat every day and I get tired of eating the same stuff over and over again. I need a good cookbook I guess. Yikes! I never thought I would hear myself say that. LOL

Well, that is about it for now. Not much going on here. Weather is crummy. My parents are about to move. My husband and I haven’t had a “date” since my birthday two months ago. Just feeling a little bummed about all that I guess. I hate being in a gloomy mood. But ah well. Maybe the sun will actually come out tomorrow.
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