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Has it really been a month! @_@

I guess things have been busy around here. Strange, it doesn’t seem that way. Not much going on to tell about I don’t think. I guess I have just been playing too much PS2. I think I am almost done with .hack//outbreak now. I am flipping between playing that and Drakengard. I am really loving this game but I am kind of stuck right now. Flying the dragon is tough for me. I have never been that great at flying things in games. LOL I do fine on the open fields and in the open air but this level I am stuck on you have to fly the dragon inside of a fortress and it is kind of tight quarters sometimes. Drives me nuts. But I am enjoying the game overall. It’s a Square Enix game so of course the movie scenes are totally awesome to watch. I love that.

The weather here is driving me absolutely nuts. Just a few days ago we had highs in the low 80s. Now a damn cold front came through and the high is only going to get into the low 60s today. My daughter has gotten sickest from this. She talked in her sleep all last night. We have a monitor in her room so that we can here if she calls for us in the night and we didn’t get much sleep last night at all because of her constant talking in her sleep. One part was pretty funny though. She must have been dreaming my husband was doing something wrong because she said “Dad, HOW DARE YOU!” I was hilarious. “How dare you” is like her new saying now. I have no idea where she picked it up from. But anyway, back to the weather. Then tomorrow it supposed to be back up in the low 70s again.

Got the last DVD of Pretear. OMG!! I love that anime. The ending was super. My husband is constantly making fun of me for liking it but who cares. I love it and will never tire of it, which is a good thing because my daughter loves it too and I end up watching it several times throughout the day. LOL

Got my official high school reunion invite in the mail yesterday. It will cost $90 for me and my hubby to go. That is a lot of friggin’ money. This had better be the best party I have been to in a while. Wait a minute... I don’t go to parties. The least they could do for that price is have an open bar at the semi-formal dance night. But no... cash bar. Ah well, I will still be partaking of that. There is no way I could go back and be exposed to these same people sober. LOL May not go still if the weight is still an issue. But my parents are helping me out with some motivation. We got a Honda from them and we have been paying $60 a month on it to them. They said the would waive that payment and still consider it paid if I can manage to lose 10 pounds in a month’s time. They will continue this agreement until I get to the weight I want to be. 10 pounds a month. I started on April 1st. Not doing so hot so far. I have two weeks to get where I need to be. I CAN DO THIS!! *gets game face on*

Speaking of my parents... they are officially leaving the state on Friday. *cries* I still have trouble getting used to the idea that very soon they won’t be just right down the street. Ah well, I am 28 years old and should just get over it I suppose. They are supposed to be getting us a web cam because they don’t want to miss seeing the kids grow up. LOL I know my daughter will flip out about that.

Well, there is really nothing else much to update on. I saw Kat had a pretty long survey on her journal and I think I will fill that out for myself with this time that I have. Trying to keep myself occupied and away from the fridge.
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