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It's been a while.

OMG!!! It has been way too long since I have updated. Not like that much exciting goes on in my life worth updating anyways though. *rolls eyes* Ah well.

Let’s see. Where to start. The most depressing piece of news I guess I will deal with first. My parents are moving to Washington DC. *cries like a fucking baby* This is pretty upsetting and for a while there it seemed like some major shit was going to hit the fan between my mom, my sis, and my bro and his fiancé. I think they have it all kind of worked out now. But this is a major hit to my and my hubby because my parents are our ONLY source of babysitting. We are pretty picky about who watches our kids. This really sucks. And this year is our 10th wedding anniversary and we have been planning for at least a year to take a full week long vacation while my mom watched the kids for us. I thought this move would pretty much cancel all that. But, with luck, my mom said she would fly down here to Georgia to watch them for us while we go on our trip. That is so great because I am really looking forward to a solid week along with my hubby. It will be the honeymoon we never got to have. I definitely look forward to that. But we have at the earliest about two months before my parents will be moving so there is time maybe to get out and do some things just me and the hubby before they go... like see LOTR ROTK again. Or Big Fish. Hearing lots of great things about it. Speaking of parents, today is my mom’s birthday. I got her a birthday card which is a pickle. LOL It has to do with her last name. But I guess I won’t go into that. I used to hate being teased about it. Thank God the woman can take the man’s last name when they get married.

I think me and Dave have decided we are going to Disney World / Universal Studios on our vacation. I can’t wait. We haven’t been there since 1998. Well, I went to Universal with my parents and my sis and my son in 2000 but it was kind of hard to have too much fun because I was pregnant with my daughter. The early stages of pregnancy is not a good time to go riding a bunch of rides that make you sick when you are already on the verge of blowing chunks anyway. LMAO! Luckily the doc said it was safe to take Dramamine (sp) so I did okay. And I didn’t have to not ride anything either because of being pregnant. It was just really hard to go so long without eating or drinking enough. But my parents are big on saving money and didn’t want to eat in the park much. That sucked. But anyway, yeah. I think that is where we will go. We are getting a VERY NICE tax return this year so we should really be able to enjoy this vacation. We are actually going to stay at a resort in Disney this year. I liked the Port Orleans French Quarter hotel. It looks awesome. And it is located in Downtown Disney where all the night life happens. I am really getting excited about that.

I did horrible on my diet during the first two weeks of January. Totally SUCKED!!! In fact I ended up gaining 3.5 pounds. But on January 19th I started all over and have done excellent since then. I have not missed a day of exercise since that day. I have lost 10 pounds and hope to keep up the progress, though I know the stall is coming any day now. I HATE THAT!!! But I will deal with that when it comes. My goal was only 1 pound per week so I am well ahead of were I wanted to be so a few weeks of being stalled at one weight will be okay I guess. But I have that 10 year high school reunion in the summer. I really want to look decent for that. I actually saw someone I graduated with at Walmart today. I didn’t say anything to him though. Not really someone I was friends with. Just knew him from the band. Dave knows him more than me because they were in the drumline together. I actually look forward to the reunion too. I can’t wait to see what people are up to now and how many of them are divorced. LMAO!

Ah... let’s see. Some anime that I have picked up since I last updated would be:

Full Metal Panic Vol 6.
Saiyuki Box 2 with Vol 7 disc
Geneon Trigun Vol 1 (MUCH CHEAPER!!)
Dragonball GT Vol 11 and 12
Happy Lesson Vol 1 (MAJOR FUNNY SHIT!!!)


Pet Shop Vol 4
Vampire Game Vol 4
Trigun Vol 1 & 2
The Kind of Hell Vol 4.

I think that is about it. I am so looking forward to the 17th. I am dying for the next volume of Pretear!!

But anyways. I need to get to cooking dinner now so I guess I will scat for now. We are having major spicy, taco / hamburger / cheese / bean dip stuff. I love it!! Can’t wait to set my mouth on fire. Catch yall later!

BTW- MV. If you read this... I totally kicked my husband’s ass at that Gundam game. LMFAO!! But I had to use Wing Zero to beat him. It was so hilarious!! But when I played as Burning Gundam and he played as Wing Zero I only beat him once out of about five times. But you were totally right. He was just as confused about the controls as me since it was totally different than any other. It was such a blast playing. We have been too busy to play lately though. :-(
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