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Well, the past couple of days I have felt a little bit like death warmed over. Having major sinus trouble. I hate having allergies. *mumbles to self “Thanks a lot Dad!”* But today my head is no longer throbbing and my joints are a lot less achy. Just have the tickling in my lungs to deal with now and only being able to breath through one side of my nose. I swear, I hate that! Ah well. What can you do. Just poppin’ Alka Seltzer Cold liqui gels until it goes away.

Seeing as how I haven’t been feeling the greatest it is a great time to play video games. Doesn’t require to much physical activity. LOL So we rented the Prince of Persia Sands of Time. I am enjoying the hell out of this game. It has everything I love in a game. Great puzzles to kind of figure out and lots of grand scenery and some wild moves. But it is awesome to be able to rewind time and get yourself out of a fix. That has got to be one of the greatest things about this game. Of course, you have to so many wild moves in this game that the least they could do is let you rewind you falling ass. LOL I am a little over half way done with it and it has to go back to Blockbuster tomorrow so I am about to go kick ass and see if I can’t finish it up before it has to go back. It took me seven hours to get through the first half so maybe I can make it. Only time will tell.

We rented American Wedding also. That is one hilarious movie! Great if you are in a bad mood and need a some good gross fun to make you laugh.

Well, I am off to kick some sand people / sand animal ass and to take some medicine.
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