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Weight loss blues

Well, once again I ruined all my weight loss efforts by eating bad for one day on the weekend. This is really starting to tick me off. I had gotten down to 189 on Sunday morning. But then we had IHOP for breakfast that day and Chinese for dinner and BAM!!! I weighed an astounding 192.5 this morning. *beats head on desk* So I only lost a half a pound technically this past week since my weigh in day is Monday. *sighs* Almost starting to think I should just give up again. I really just need to get off the stinkin’ birth control pill. That is when all my weight issues started in the first place. But, I will have to wait until I get my tubes tied for that. I stopped taking the pill once to help me lose weight faster and I ended up pregnant with my daughter. The last thing I need is another kid around so I will just deal with it for now I guess. Ah well. I guess I need to get my lazy butt back on the treadmill everyday. I hate getting remotivated to do that. I was doing great until I got sick. Blah.

Got my three year old daughter’s hair cut significantly for the first time yesterday. My mom has always kept her bangs trimmed but the back had not been cut since she was born. We cut a good 6-8 inches off. But it is so much more manageable now. I don’t regret it. She looks really cute with the shorter look. It is about shoulder length now. No more tangles!! Yahoo! However, I am pretty upset with her at this moment. Just a few minutes ago she ripped the blinds out of our kitchen window, yet again. They have been ripped out so many times that you really can’t screw them back in anymore. I guess I will have to fill the holes with some filler and let that dry over night and try to screw the blinds back up tomorrow. I swear, having children and animals is most detrimental to owning a home. *rolls eyes*

We watched a behind the scenes show on The Passion of The Christ last night. I must say I really didn’t want to see this movie in the theater when I found out you would have to read everything. We were hoping maybe for the DVD release maybe it would be dubbed or something. But after seeing the trailer for it and all the behind the scenes stuff I am really excited to go see it. Hopefully my parents will be able to watch the kids for us for a little while. I don’t know though. They are pretty busy packing up now that it is getting closer to time to move.

Got to see my hubby’s company win some awards Saturday night. We went to an awards ceremony and my parents did watch the kids for that. It was the first time we had any real alone time together for a while. In an “out” situation anyway. It was nice to sit down and have dinner together. It would have been even nicer if the obnoxious people behind us at Red Lobster hadn’t been so loud!! I swear, the entire restaurant cold probably hear their whole conversation. I hate rude people. But at least we got to have some really great seafood. I love lobster! I wish it weren’t so expensive. *cries* Ah well. What can you do.

Well, that’s about it for now. Hopefully I can do better with my weight loss efforts this week. Only time will tell.
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